You may be familiar with the famous phrase that “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. But with PRINT POWER it is not so. Money definitely will grow on trees.

Smart Document Solutions is truly committed towards the environment and fulfils its social responsibilities. Clients opting for PRINT POWER products too can help the environment and contribute to the society.

We Recycle, You Earn

A huge amount of valuable resources are used to make printers and cartridges and the same e-waste takes centuries to bio-degrade. Every time you use PRINT POWER’s remanufactured cartridges, you are saving the environment from going into sheer carbon darkness and help in avoiding landfills.

If you have your empty used cartridges lying around accumulated to be thrown away, don’t do so. Give us a call to pick-up the accumulated trash and we will pay you for every used cartridge given to us.

Recycle Program

We give the opportunity to schools and colleges to raise funds by encouraging students to donate all their empty cartridges to their institution. Our representatives will then collect and pay the institution for the same. This way schools and colleges benefit in raising quick funds and spreading the message of Environment Conservation.

Not only educational institutions, we also encourage corporates to collect and sell their used cartridges or recycle the empty ones and buy PRINT POWER’s remanufactured cartridges to make an important contribution towards the environment.

Contact our advisors on (+91) 022 22668866 to find out how we can help you earn money and save the environment.